Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quote of the Day you help you through life :)

"Here's the bottom line: We have only so much time here - let it be spent on doing things that make us like ourselves. Perhaps it's wearing clothes that flatter our figures, or just making an effort to speak nicely to the girl in the mirror. It's one thing to want to look good - heaven help you the day you leave the house wearing a belly chain - it's another to torment yourself for not looking like someone you're not. Have you considered how much easier life would be if we stopped comparing ourselves to runway waifs and Extremely Made-Over fem-bots? We must remind ourselves that advertisements are artificial constructions, not reality. In order to sell products, industries create images that appeal to us emotionally, that say, "Buy this bra and you'll look like Gisele!" We can choose to filter this stuff out and refuse to accept the message that the media is sending."

-Page 31 of The Girl's Guide to Absolutely Everything by Melissa Kirsch

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Jennifer said...

Right on girl!! That is so true. I think I might have to get this book. :)

I love that you put a quote on here... especially from the book. :)

Hope things are good with you. :) I think Heather and I are going to be heading to Middletown tomorrow night... as in Thursday... let me know what you think. Can you maybe meet up with us?? :) We would LOVE to see you.... of course.

xoxoxo love you forever.