Friday, August 22, 2008

Gavin's 1st Birthday Gift!!!!

Ok I have been looking hours on hours on the web to get for my nephew. At first I wanted to get him something that would last him until he's an adult like a necklace or something so he could remember his first birthday gift I ever gave him. Well it wasn't looking that way so I talked it over with my sister and ended up getting this. Its the Little Tikes Jump n' Bounce!!! Not too bad of a price the only thing that got me was the shipping from Ohio to New Jersey. But in the end the gift is really for me to see the smile on my nephew's face when he see's this/ plays in it :)

"The best gift ever in life is to see your nephew's face light up on his birthday" ~ a Jersey girl who loves her nephew :P


Jennifer said...

that is a great gift. i know he will just love this!! :)

you are the coolest aunt!! Well next to me that is!! lol

i can't wait to see pics of him in this... with his big birthday smile!!

please tell everyone i say hi!!

miss you!
love always, NY

Heather said...

very nice, you did an excellent job. Im sure he will love it.