Friday, September 5, 2008

Finnally the weekend!!!

UGH I am soo tired I stayed out way to late last night. It first started off my calling my friend Nicki to ask him about something. Then it ended us going out on a date to a really nice place. He got all dressed up and I really didn't think he was going too. Last time I spoke to him I though he was joking but it was all dressed pants, nice shirt, and nice shoes. I was just wear a nice summer dress because it was still hot out. Plus the bill came out so much from all the drinks we were getting. I was planning on paying for me but he just took the bill and got it all. So after that we ended up going to a bar to meet up with some friends we haven't seen in a while. Also him paying for that too....I mean come on Nicki let me pay for something. Well my goal was to leave around 11 but we didn't leave until 12:30....all I have to say is UGH!!!!!!

Before all this happened I went out for a second job. Nothing to big. I looked into The GAP only because all of my nephew's clothes are from there. So I figure that would help out my sister. Also I looked into Bath & Body Works....I never shop there unless its for gifts. So I figure with that one I would never buy anything and waste more money :P So both stores just kind of talked to me and seemed really pleased. Also I think they are more pleased by the job I am working now so maybe that would help too. I will keep you all posted!!

Have a great weekend :)