Friday, September 5, 2008

Finnally the weekend!!!

UGH I am soo tired I stayed out way to late last night. It first started off my calling my friend Nicki to ask him about something. Then it ended us going out on a date to a really nice place. He got all dressed up and I really didn't think he was going too. Last time I spoke to him I though he was joking but it was all dressed pants, nice shirt, and nice shoes. I was just wear a nice summer dress because it was still hot out. Plus the bill came out so much from all the drinks we were getting. I was planning on paying for me but he just took the bill and got it all. So after that we ended up going to a bar to meet up with some friends we haven't seen in a while. Also him paying for that too....I mean come on Nicki let me pay for something. Well my goal was to leave around 11 but we didn't leave until 12:30....all I have to say is UGH!!!!!!

Before all this happened I went out for a second job. Nothing to big. I looked into The GAP only because all of my nephew's clothes are from there. So I figure that would help out my sister. Also I looked into Bath & Body Works....I never shop there unless its for gifts. So I figure with that one I would never buy anything and waste more money :P So both stores just kind of talked to me and seemed really pleased. Also I think they are more pleased by the job I am working now so maybe that would help too. I will keep you all posted!!

Have a great weekend :)

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you had a good night... and that all expenses were paid. lol that is sweet... especially when you are thinking that way... you planned to pay for yourself... then surprise you are out with a real gentleman! :)

good for you.

I know the feeling of staying out too late though.. that sucks but you only live once... make the BEST of it... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!! :)

You have to let me know how the second job search goes?? And seriously don't you think you already work too much at the job you are at now to think about adding a second one??? ugh. but i know all too well that extra money is always nice... especially with the holidays coming up and you have that 2nd Christmas with lil G... :)

hope everyone is doing well. :)

love you!! xoxoxoxo NY~